Develop your skills in engineering and building programmes, websites, databases, networks and servers with this hands on stepping stone to the Bachelor of Information Technology or the workforce

This programme extends and reinforces the knowledge and skills gained at Level 5 and is an exit qualification from the Bachelor of Information Technology, after the completion of the Level 6 papers.

Programme Outline

The New Zealand Diploma in Information Systems (Information Systems Innovation) (Level 6) requires the successful completion of 240 credits (120 credits from Level 5) drawn from a range of computing and business courses, which have a high practical content.

Four of the networking principle and practice modules contained in this programme prepare students for the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) qualification. Students are able to sit an external, independent exam to gain this qualification which is recognised by industry organisations around the world. Whitireia is an accredited Cisco Networking Academy.


Research and Theory in Information Technology (Compulsory)

To introduce students to the theories of communications. To consider theories of investigation and research methodologies, and apply scientific research principles to a topic of interest. To provide practice in the basic probability and statistical principles needed in an Information Technology environment using statistical software packages.

Prerequisites: IT5x81


Operating Systems

To understand the underlying principles of Operating Systems for desktop and server systems in a network environment. To apply the underlying principles and concepts of operating systems to the implementation and configuration of operating systems in a network environment. To apply the underlying principles and concepts of operating systems to the implementation and configuration of an operating system for a server in a network environment.

Prerequisites: IT5x89


Introduction to 3D Modelling and Animation

Introduce students to 3D graphics, animation, software and environments. Students will gain an understanding of 3D modelling, animation, texturing and rendering techniques. Students will experience a range software tools to build 3D models, develop motion and render.


Software Quality Assurance

To understand quality assurance principles. To understand software quality assurance principles and practices. To apply software testing principles and practices


Software Development Methods

To provide students with advanced programming skills. To allow students to gain experience in using prototyping techniques during the development of software applications

Prerequisites: IT5x84


Data Models and Databases

Give students an understanding of database design. Enable students to produce data models and implement database management systems. Provide students with a thorough understanding of the features of structured query language, including recognition of its importance, management implications and integration with other components of the computing environment. To enable students to understand and apply data modelling techniques.

Prerequisites: IT5x82


Evaluation and Procurement

To enable students to conduct an evaluation and procurement exercise. To enable students to determine and use appropriate information gathering techniques, assess the type of information and appropriately document and present the results.


Systems Analysis and Design

To enable students to apply current systems analysis techniques. To enable students to produce and present well-designed system inputs, outputs, and design documentation.

Prerequisites: IT5x83


Internet Application Development

To introduce students to the principles of interface design and evaluation of Internet-based applications. To implement Internet-based application suitable for business purposes.

Prerequisites: IT5x82 and IT5x84


Network Technologies (30 Credits)

To provide an understanding of Local Area Network (LAN) design, including the knowledge and skills required to configure a complex LAN. To provide students with an understanding of Wide Area Networks (WANs). To provide students with a basic understanding of network security.

Prerequisites: IT5x87


Entry Requirements

 New Zealand Diploma in Information Systems (Level 5) or equivalent study/work experience

International students

Proven equivalence to domestic entry requirements and IELTS 6.0 (no band lower than 5.5)

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