Learn to understand, speak, read and write English for study, work and everyday situations.

The New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General) (Level 3) is a 17 week NZQA-approved programme. It is ideal for migrants to New Zealand who want to improve their English language skills to work, study or take part in New Zealand society. It is also suitable for international students who want a formal English qualification rather than a shorter training course.

Students gain 60 credits through tests in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, and also develop their vocabulary, accuracy and fluency in English. The programme offers different ways of learning to a wide of range of learners and develops effective communication for everyday life.

Programme outline

Gain the language skills needed to communicate in most familar situations with increasing independence and fluency, in order to take part in everyday life in your community or for academic purposes. Be able to:

  • understand main points and some specific details of oral texts on reasonably familiar topics
  • participate with some confidence in spoken discourse on reasonably familiar topics
  • understand main points and some specific details of written texts on reasonably familiar topics
  • write connected texts on reasonably familiar topics 

This programme is comprised of four modules designed to build English language skills progressively based around listening, speaking, reading and writing.

General English 3A – Build English reading, speaking and listening skills, acquiring information from a variety of sources, exploring resources, and basic referencing 

General English 3B – Understand and build on writing structure and speaking 

General English 3C – Understand and build on content structure and organisation of ideas with further development of reading and listening 

General English 3D – Demonstrate reasonable linguistic accuracy in simple text and general everyday conversation with further development of speaking and writing

Entry criteria

NZCEL Level 2 or equivalent to IELTS 4.5 or evidence of English skills based on internal placement test.