Develop your English language communicating skills so you are ready to study through English in a supportive environment.

This programme will help you develop your English language skills getting you ready to then start studying through English. Here you will be introduced to both formal and informal English and you will learn to understand written and oral English. 

This programme is taught through a combination of face to face tuition along with supervised and independent online work.

What you will learn:

  • Communicate both formally and academically 
  • Create and understand oral and written texts
  • Develop formal and informal communication skills
  • Improve English language skills to help prepare you for study
  • Actively participating in conversations


Students enrol in the course at their level of English, identified by the initial placement test or an officially recognised proficiency test result. They then have the opportunity to progress through the levels as a pathway to the NZCEL (New Zealand Certificate in English Language) level 4 and 5 programmes.

Successful completion of the NZCEL programmes enables direct entry into degree and post-graduate programmes.  A student may opt to take an IELTS test upon completion of this programme and proceed to their destination programme.


Students will be placed in class based on their standard of English. Students English standard will be determined by a proficiency test.