Advance and deepen your knowledge within a specialised field of management and extend your intellectual, leadership and strategic capabilities.

Develop advanced knowledge and skills in your chosen area of specialisation and gain technical, strategic, professional, interpersonal, and intellectual capabilities for a range of business careers. Work with industry whilst studying to launch your business career and differentiate yourself from others in competitive employment markets. Specialise in Finance, Hospitality, Marketing, or Information Systems​​​​.

Applicants will normally have completed all requirements of a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Business/ Commerce/ Management or related subject with at least a B grade average at level 7 (or higher) and be deemed to have acquired additional skills and knowledge through relevant work or professional experience. Applicants holding a postgraduate qualification in a discipline or subject area other than Business or Commerce or Management may be admitted to the programme.

Programme Outline

Graduates of the Master of Management programme will be able to:

  • acknowledge that the world views of leaders and managers impact how values and philosophies shape leadership and management decision making
  • communicate effectively (orally, visually and in writing) with people of different cultures
  • work effectively in bicultural and multicultural teams and exercise leadership as required
  • engage in rigorous intellectual analysis, criticism and problem-solving
  • learn independently and appreciate the need for continued learning
  • apply advanced knowledge in management studies and associated intellectual, leadership and strategic capabilities to practical and new situations
  • critically evaluate current literature and research findings in management studies and their application in organisations
  • identify, analyse and address ethical issues in leadership and management in practical and applied situations
  • plan, execute and complete a piece of original research or an applied research project, relevant to industry stakeholders
  • research, analyse and argue from evidence
  • undertake a leadership, management or research role in an organisation
  • undertake further postgraduate study


Entry Requirements

Bachelor degree or equivalent in Business or related subject with at least B grade average at Level 7 and relevant work or professional experience

International students

Bachelor degree or equivalent in Business or related subject with at least B grade average at Level 7 and relevant work or professional experience*

Entry IELTS 6.5 (No band score lower than 6.0)

*3-year work experience in a Manager or Senior Manager role in accounting, finance, marketing, hospitality, information systems, general management, or similar. A full CV / Resume is required together with supporting documents that demonstrate the nature of the employment and key responsibilities of the work performed.


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