Dr Yalım Özdinç

Centre of Learning: Business, Hospitality and Tourism,

School: School of Business

Teaching Programme: Bachelor of Applied Business Studies and Master of Management

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1044-9648

Research Speciality: Consumer behaviour in youth, health, sports, and negative encounters.



Yalım is a consumer behaviourist. He enjoys studying the aspects of shopping patterns to discern between the affective, cognitive, and behavioural responses that precede and follow purchase decision. He examines consumer behaviour in multiple contexts, including youth, health, sports, and negative encounters.

Yalım has been making positive contributions to the broader research community through his editorial services since he joined Whitireia in 2010. He reviews, on average, 5.2 manuscripts per year for SSCI-indexed journals. His editorial services are world-class contributions and are acknowledged by Elsevier in 2016.

Yalım utilises his research and editorial experience in multiple ways. He mentors postgraduate students on their peer-reviewed presentations at local and national symposia. He also mentors colleagues about their research to achieve publications. He is active on LinkedIn where he engages with his mostly non-academic audience through his writing for practitioners and end-users.


Academic Qualifications

2008: PhD, Marketing, Çukurova University, Turkey

2004: MSc, Marketing, Çukurova University, Turkey

1998: BSc, Tourism and Hotel Management, Bilkent University, Turkey


Professional Distinctions and Memberships

2017 to present: Editorial team member, International Journal of Consumer Studies

2017 to present: Editorial team member, Information Technology & People

2017: Grant ($1,250) from Whitireia Contestable Research and Innovation Fund

2016: Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing by Elsevier

2016 to present: American Marketing Association

2015 to present: Editorial team member, Tourism Management Perspectives

2015 to present: Editorial team member, Young Consumers

2013 to 2017: Editorial team member, International Journal of Marketing Studies

2012 to present: Editorial team member, Tourism Management

2011 to present: Research Association of New Zealand


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Yin, Y., & Özdinç, Y. (2018). 'Budget over health unless overweight: A Solomon four-group study.' International Journal of Consumer Studies, 42(2), 232-240.

Özdinç, Y., & Özdinç, Ö. (2015). 'Does message content matter in negative publicity? A study with young athletes emulating pros.' Young Consumers, 16(3), 332-347.

Özdinç, Y. (2011). 'Effects of organisational response against negative event on consumer brand association.' Global Journal of Strategies & Governance, 3(1), 98-106.


Refereed Conference Proceedings

Özdinç, Y. (2014). The good, the bad, and the youth: A literature review on youth perception of the misbehaviours of emulated celebrities. Whitireia Research Symposium, 5 September, Auckland, New Zealand.

Özdinç, Ö., & Özdinç, Y. (2011). Ready...steady for tarnished sport celebrity: A cross-national study on model emulation among young athletes. Paper presented at the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sport Science, 2-5 November, Shanghai, China.

Özdinç, Y. (2011). On encapsulating the ever-broadening marketing concept. Paper presented at the European Marketing Conference, 7-8 July, Frankfurt, Germany.

Özdinç, Y. (2011). Overcoming the challenge in teaching statistics to non-statistics majors: An exploratory study on the pedagogical aspects of statistical storytelling. New Zealand Applied Business Education Conference, 10-12 October, Nelson, New Zealand.

Özdinç, Y. (2009). The epidemic of alienation in Turkish language and its impacts on indigenous literature on marketing [in Turkish]. In R. Kurtoglu & M. Kara (Eds.), 14th National Marketing Conference Proceedings, 14-17 October, Yozgat, Turkey (pp. 168-174). Available at http://www.pazarlama.org.tr/uploads/files/upk14.pdf

Özdinç, Y., & Özdinç Ö (2009). Sports tourism in Turkey: An evaluation [in Turkish]. Paper presented at the 10th National Tourism Conference, 21-24 October, Mersin, Turkey.


Invited Exhibitions/Events/Performances

Özdinç, Y. (2014, July 31). The research process and the research proposal. Workshop delivered to senior Early Childhood Education students at Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Auckland, New Zealand.

Özdinç, Y. (2014, June 27). Writing research reports: Introduction and methodology. Workshop delivered to teaching staff members at the Faculty of Business and IT, Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Auckland, New Zealand.


Other forms of dissemination

Özdinç, Y. (2018, 15 February). ‘Healthy’ food claim more influential than discount: Study. Cook Strait News, p. 10. Available at: http://issuu.com/the.star/docs/218046cs?mode=embed&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml&backgroundColor=010101

Özdinç, Y. (2016, 31 August). Two-sentence summary: Journal of Retailing 92(3), 2016. A research note posted on LinkedIn. Available at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/two-sentence-summary-journal-retailing-923-2016-yalim-ozdinc?articleId=6176235073189208064#comments-6176235073189208064&trk=prof-post

Özdinç, Y. (2016, 3 August). To behave or not to behave—that is the question: Meanings-transfer in celebrity endorsements as teenagers perceive. A research article posted on LinkedIn. Available at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/behave-behavethat-question-meanings-transfer-celebrity-yalim-ozdinc?articleId=6166171731053522944#comments-6166171731053522944&trk=prof-post


Research Contributions

2018 to present: Adjudication of theses

2017 to present: Examination of student research at postgraduate levels

2016 to present: Supervision of student research at postgraduate levels

2013: Member, Whitireia Research and Ethics Committee


External Websites or Links

Personal profile: https://sites.google.com/site/yalimozdinc/

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