Request to change agents

A student may request to change from their original agent to another agent for a number of reasons.

Whitireia will always give priority to the agent that first submitted a valid application for the student, and in most instances the decision will be made in favour of the original agent.

Requests to change agents will be granted only if exceptional circumstances are demonstrated.


To apply to change agents, the student will need to complete and sign the Change of Agent Request Form, and forward this to Whitireia International.

Change of Agent Request Form

Once Whitireia International receives the Change of Agent Request Form, we will process this request. A change will not be approved unless acceptable reasons are provided.

After an outcome is reached, the student concerned and both agents will be notified of the outcome. Any information received regarding the service of an agent will be investigated by Whitireia International.

Change of agent requests are not a high priority activity for Whitireia International. It is likely to take a minimum of two weeks for a change of agent request to be considered.

This information is correct as of January, 2019.


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