Prior Learning and Cross Crediting

If you have gained skills and knowledge through study or experiences in work or other activities you may be able to receive credit for these when enrolling in a programme of study at Whitireia. This is done through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (also known as Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)) or cross crediting.

RPL recognises what the person has already learned from life experiences, from work experiences and from any training courses provided at work, and assesses it against the learning in a Whitireia paper/course/module or unit standard. If what they have learned at work or elsewhere is relevant, they may not have to do the paper/course/module or unit standard.

Cross crediting is used when a student has part of a formal qualification recorded in a transcript from another tertiary education organisation. Both RPL and cross credit may be credited to a student’s record in a Whitireia programme. Up to a maximum of two thirds of a Whitireia programme may be credited by cross credit and/or RPL.

RPL is assessed by asking you for evidence that you can meet the learning outcomes of a paper/course/module or unit standard. This may be done in several ways, including sitting a test, attending an interview, or submitting a portfolio of varied evidence. Programme staff can advise you on the evidence needed and the best way to present it.

If you think you may qualify for RPL and/or cross credit, please mention this when you seek information about your chosen qualification. It is important to deal with RPL/cross credit as soon as possible, so that you can be clear what paper/course/module or unit standards you have credit for, and what you need to enrol in. An application form can be printed off or you may request one from Information and Enrolment or the faculty administrator.

If you decide to apply for RPL/cross credit, you will need to pay the cashier an application fee of $50.00, then present the receipt and your application form to the faculty office.  If you are granted cross credit, there will be an additional cost of 10% of each paper/course/module approved; if you are granted RPL, the additional cost will be 15% of each paper/course/module or unit standard approved. You will be invoiced for these fees.

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