The Annual Research Report documented research at Whitireia up until 2015

This documentation is now facilitated by the Research section of this website.


revisioning2015 thumb

Revisioning: Annual Research Report 2015

Research profiles: Callum Thirkell, Arkar Kyaw, Alice Moore, George Tongariro, Sandra Waayer, Jan Taylor, Mandy Hager, Adrienne Jansen, Dr Martha Vos, Kaaryn Cater, Loma-Linda Tasi, Dr Tanya Pintchouk & Susan Widger, Dr Kathy Holloway, Kelly McDonald, Kay Laracy, Deb Donnelly, Dr Diane Strode, Brenda Saris

Annual Research Report 2015 (1.5MB PDF)

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Revisioning: Annual Research Report 2014

Research profiles: Christopher White, Zawar Shah, Isabella Fa’aea Tanielu-Dick, Carmel Haggerty, Mary-Jane Duffy, Richard Finn, Iwan Tjhin, Brenda Saris, Bachelor of Social Work Team, Suzanne Manning, Dan Adams, Shanali de Rose, Shelly Crick

Annual Research Report 2014 (2.9MB PDF)

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Revisioning: Annual Research Report 2013

Research profiles: Megan Parker, Jacqui Murray, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Christopher Stachowski, Sean Thompson, Adrienne Jansen, Tony Assadi, Juliana Korzon, Justin Puna, Eruera Ruwhiu, Dr Susan Chard & Dr Brenda Lloyd, Dr Nick Wempe, Dr Mathew Abraham, Ann Cameron

Annual Research Report 2013 (1.25MB PDF)

revisioning2012 thumb

Revisioning: Annual Research Report 2012

Research profiles: Peter Deckers, Dr Margaret Southwick, Louise Falepau and Tiketi Auega, Jean Mitaera and Apii Rongo-Raea, Ria Tomoana, Mandy Hager, Dr Brenda Lloyd and Dr Diane Strode, Mathew Abraham, Iwan Tjhin, Ken MacIver, Ann Cameron, Kataraina Mateparae, Chris White, 

Annual Research Report 2012 (1.5MB PDF)
revisioning2011 thumb 

Revisioning: Annual Research Report 2011

Research profiles: James Molnar and Whakairo students, Dr Sue Chard, Dr Kathryn Holloway, Owen Mapp, Audrey Hinder, Susan Warring, Social Work: Illuminating research in practice, Wendy Trimmer and Kay Laracy, Peter Deckers, The Capstone Project, Business conference successes, Heather Reeves-Timms, Whitireia Nursing Journal, Whitireia Publishing

Annual Research Report 2011 (4.MB PDF)

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Annual Research Report 2010

Research profiles: Carmel Haggerty, Dr Debra Wilson, Kathryn Holloway, Adèle Holland, Ros Leahy, Karaitiana Jackson, Ken Munro, Mary‐Jane Duffy, Fran Richardson, Deb Donnelly, Elaine Ete‐Rasch, Sarita Pais, Gordon Churchill, Hinemoana Baker, Mandy Hager

Annual Research Report 2010 (1MB PDF)
 Research Profile 2009 th

Annual Research Report 2009

Research profiles: Jill Clark and Trish Baker, ATLAANZ Conference 2008, Marg Sellers, Fran Richardson, Lynn Davidson, Adrienne Jansen

Annual Research Report 2009 (2.3MB PDF)

 researchreport2008 thumb

Annual Research Report 2008

Research profiles: Jill Clark and Trish Baker, ATLAANZ Conference 2008, Marg Sellers, Fran Richardson, Lynn Davidson, Adrienne Jansen

Annual Research Report 2008 (2.3MB PDF)
Research Profile 2006 th

Research Profile 2006

Research profiles: Margaret Southwick, Donna Voice, Taima Fagaloa, Owen Mapp, Sue Chard, Diane Strode

Annual Research Report 2006 (2.3MB PDF)
researchreport2005 thumb

Research Annual Report 2005

117 research outputs were achieved in 2005, including publications, journal articles, conference papers and exhibitions

Research Annual Report 2005 (22MB PDF)
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Research Profile 2002-2004

Research profiles: Peter Deckers, Ailsa Parker, Janet Moles, Kay Laracy, Kathy Holloway, Takirirangi Smith

Research Profile 2002-2004 (2.17MB PDF)



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